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Balanced In-Line Orifice Adjustment Tool


Weight: 370 g

  • $74.90

This version of inline adjustment tool is fitted with a dual drive: one side contains a slotted drive and the other side contains a 5 mm hex drive.

This balanced inline adjustment tool or dual inline adjustment tool will fit most second stages on the market including those with deeply-seated orifices (eg. Scubapro R190) as well as those with orifces up as small as 0.85 mm slots.

The balanced feature and the careful design of the components make the tuning process effortless and smooth.

The tool can be used fitted with an optional pressure gauge (sold separately here).

The u-shaped body is made from anodized aluminium and the fittings are made from chrome-plated brass.

Regulators and LP hose are not included. Pressure gauge is sold separately as an option.

Download your instruction manual here.

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