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Gauge for Balanced In-Line Orifice Adjustment Tool


Weight: 220 g

  • $26.90

This pressure gauge and adaptor assembly is suitable for SCT-0808 Balanced In-Line Orifice Adjustment Tool (sold separately).

The dial of the gauge is 2.5" and coved with a rubber protective boot. The reading is shown in both bar (0-20) and PSI (0-300).

The fitting is made from chrome-plated brass.

Regulators and LP hose are not included. In-Line Orifice Adjustment Tool is sold separately.

This gauge is only suitable for use in conjunction with SCT-0808 Balanced In-Line Orifice Adjustment Tool (from 2021 onwards). We're unable to guarantee this gauge is compatible with in-line adjusters purchased elsewhere. This tool is not to be used submerged.

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