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Tool kits

Collection of tool kits suitable for the regulator service shop and experienced technicians.

Our redesigned tool kits are entirely modular, which will make them more versatile, easier to choose from and eliminate duplicates in the several kits (to the extend this is possible). We offer 20+ kits to choose from.

Our “turnkey” kits have been designed with dive centres and professional scuba repair centres in mind. They will get you going fast with a minimum amount of fuss. The correct tools for the job will make the overhaul more efficient and reduce the risk of damage to the regulator.

As your needs grow, you can easily upgrade your kit to suit your demands and other regulators.

These kits come as a package deal with 10% discount compared to the individual items in the kits. 

For more information and our tool kit philosophy, read our articles:

"How to gear up for servicing regulators"

"Choosing the instrumentation that is suitable for you"



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