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Adjustable Face Spanner (Pins Sold Seperately)


Weight: 250 g

  • $29.90

This face spanner or compass wrench is a must-have for scuba technicians. It is a general hand tool that will find lots of uses in scuba service work. 

There are 6 different pin sizes (1.7 mm, 2.3 mm, 2.8 mm, 3.3 mm, 3.9 mm, and 4.2 mm) available for use with this modular version of face spanner. The pair of pins are NOT included with the spanner and must be purchased seperately here. This will enable technicians to mix and match according to their needs and preferences.

Some examples are:

- The installation and removal of the second stage ring cover on the Aqualung Core, Titan LX, Legend series I, Mikron
- The installation and removal of the seat retainer on the Scubapro MK10, MK5 (with care)
- The installation and removal of diaphragm retainer onto exhaust retainer of Oceanic Omega III second stage

The body is made from steel.

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