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Advanced Speciality Tools Kit for Scubapro Regulators

Advanced Speciality Tools Kit for Scubapro Regulators


Weight: 1400 g

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In addition to the tools of the the starter speciality tools kit for Scubapro, this advanced speciality tool kit will allow you to work on the following regulators: MK11, MK17, MK17 EVO, MK19 EVO, MK21, MK25, MK25 EVO, S360, S560 S600, S620 Ti, A700, C370, C350, D420, G260 CARBON.

For detailed description of the individual items refer to the individual product pages.This kit contains:

SCT-1109 Advanced speciality tools kit for Scubapro
QTY Part # Item
1 SCT-0308 Torx Screwdriver #10 x 50 mm
1 SCT-0318 Ball End Hex Screwdriver 3/32" x 50mm
1 SCT-0506 7/32" Hex Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0509 22 mm Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0511 TORX 30 Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0702 Bushing Tool for Scubapro MK25
1 SCT-0719 Drift Tool for Scubapro Diaphragm First Stages
1 SCT-0729 Dry Chamber and Diaphragm Retainer Socket for Scubapro MK17
1 SCT-0740 HP Seat Extractor for Scubapro MK17 First Stage
1 SCT-0796 Diaphragm Retainer Socket For Scubapro MK11
1 SCT-1708 Three-Pin Socket for Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Colour Kit
1 SCT-1742 Combined Second Stage Cover Tool for Scubapro S600
1 SCT-1735 Cover Tool for Scubapro S620 Ti
1 SCT-1736 Cover Tool for Scubapro S560 and S360
1 SCT-1746 Cover Tool for Scubapro C370 and C350
1 SCT-1753 28 mm Socket for Scubapro
1 SCT-1762 Balance Chamber Tool for Scubapro MK19 Evo First Stage
1 SCT-1764 Cover Tool for Scubapro D420
1 SCT-1782 Flow Vane Ring Tool for Scubapro D420
1 SCT-1785 Flow Vane Plug Tool for Scubapro D420
1 SCT-2726 Cover Tool for Scubapro G260 Carbon

Prior to purchasing any tool kit, we suggest you read our blog post "
how to gear up for servicing regulators". 

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