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Advanced Speciality Tools Kit for Scubapro Regulators

Advanced Speciality Tools Kit for Scubapro Regulators


Weight: 1260 g

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In addition to the tools of the the starter speciality tools kit for Scubapro, this advanced speciality tool kit will allow you to work on the following regulators: MK11, MK17, MK17 EVO, MK21, MK25, MK25 EVO, S360, S560 S600, S620 Ti, A700, C370, C350.

For detailed description of the individual items refer to the individual product pages.This kit contains:

QTY Part # Item
1 SCT-0308 Torx Screwdriver #10 x 50 mm
1 SCT-0506 7/32" Hex Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0509 22 mm Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0511 TORX 30 Socket 3/8" Drive
1 SCT-0702 Bushing Tool for Scubapro MK25
1 SCT-0719 Drift Tool for Scubapro Diaphragm First Stages
1 SCT-0729 Dry Chamber and Diaphragm Retainer Socket for Scubapro MK17
1 SCT-0740 HP Seat Extractor for Scubapro MK17 First Stage
1 SCT-0796 Diaphragm Retainer Socket For Scubapro MK11
1 SCT-1708 Three-Pin Socket for Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Colour Kit
1 SCT-1727 Thin Spanner Wrench 28 mm
1 SCT-1735 Cover Tool for Scubapro S620 Ti
1 SCT-1736 Cover Tool for Scubapro S560 and S360
1 SCT-1742 Combined Second Stage Cover Tool for Scubapro S600
1 SCT-1746 Cover Tool for Scubapro C370 and C350

Prior to purchasing any tool kit, we suggest you read our blog post "
how to gear up for servicing regulators". 

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