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Ambient Pressure Valve Test Tool for Sherwood 9000 Series First Stage


Weight: 130 g

  • $27.50

This tool is used to perform a functionality test of the ambient sensing diaphragm and Schrader valve of Sherwood 9000 First Stage types.

The tool is used on a pressurized first stage regulator once the intermediate pressure of the first stage is properly adjusted with no drift or creep present. Furthermore, the first stage should be connected to an intermediate pressure gauge. Take note of the inital intermediate pressure reading.

The tool is placed on the saddle end of the regulator. Depress the plunger firmly to create a rise in intermediate pressure. The change (rise) in intermediate pressure should be observed on the pressure gauge and noted. The change in pressure should be within the manufacturer's specified range. Purge the regulator and verifiy if the pressure returns to the inital intermediate pressure reading. Repeat the process a couple of times if required.

Failure to create a rise in intermediate pressure or failure of the intermediate pressure to return to the initial value when purged, indicates a problem with the ambient sensing diaphram and/or schrader valve. 

Made from acetal.

Regulator, cylinder and cylinder valve are not included.

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