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Diaphragm Retainer Tool for Apeks Flight


Weight: 172 g

  • $30.60

This heavy-duty version of the Apeks Flight Tool is double-sided and serves the following functions:

  • Removal and installation of the first stage composite diaphragm clamp/retainer by aligning the node point side with the part. The tool features a 3/8" drive, allowing torque to be applied - do not exceed 20 Nm -
  • The pin side of the tool is used to remove and install the inner locking ring into the second stage case

Made from Acetal with stainless steel pins. The tool was designed to give a tight fit with the composite clamp as to prevent slipping and breakage of either the tool or the clamp.

This tool is also suitable for the Apeks XL4 second stages.

Ratchet wrench is sold separately.

Regulators, parts and additional tools are not included.

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