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Lever Height Setting Tool Aqualung Balanced Second Stage


Weight: 32 g

  • $8.60

This tool made out of Acetal is used to adjust the lever height during the final set-up of Aqualung second stage such as Legend I, Titan LX and Mikron.

The tool has 2 sides, labelled F (Flow) and N (No flow). By connecting the second stage to the in-line orifice adjuster and putting it under pressure, technician is required to slide the tool along the edge of the casing. When the tool is slid over the pressurised casing with the N side facing down (smaller side), the tool should not initiate a flow - the tool should just press on the lever -. If the the tool with the F side down (larger side) is slid over the casing, an air flow should be initiated. An inline adjusting tool is used to adjust the lever height to meet the requirements.

In-line adjustment tool is sold separately.

Regulator and additional tools are not included.

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