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Cracking Effort Adjuster for Scubapro Second Stages with Draw Back Poppet


Weight: 133 g

  • $53.70

This tool is used to adjust the cracking effort of Scubapro second stages equipped with the feature of a draw back poppet. This can be found on models such as the G500, G250HP (first generation) and S600 (first generation).

With the plug of the adjusting knob removed, the tool is threaded into the knob.

We recommend that prior to pressurising the regulator, the tool is aligned with the slot of the balance chamber. This can be achieved but pushing the shaft in and turning it until you feel it engaging with the slot.

The regulator can then be pressurised and tuning of the second stage can be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures.

Since the tool is pneumatically unbalanced, operation of the tool may require some force.

The tool is made chrome-plated brass.

In-line adjustment tool is sold separately.

Regulator, additional tools and hose are not included. 

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