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Cylinder Valve Installation/Removal Tool BSP / G 5/8 - 14 (DIN)


Weight: 430 g

  • $53.00

This tool is designed for installation and removal cylinder valves with a BSP / G 5/8 - 14 (DIN) outlet connection.

It is used by screwing the threaded end of the tool into the valve and locking the tool in place with the nut provided (finger tight), ensuring the 1/2" square drive is in a convenient position. The plastic spacer is to be fitted between the valve body and the tool. The cylinder valve may then be removed or installed using an appropriate wrench while being held on a stable platform. 

The tool can also be conveniently used with a torque wrench during installation.

Torque wrench is sold separately.

Since this tool acts as a torque adaptor/multiplier, please check out the "use of torque adapters".

Cylinder valves and additional tools are not included.

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