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Grease Packing Tool Set for Atomic First Stage


Weight: 87 g

  • $36.90

This tool set allows technician to pack the appropriate grease into the the ambient chamber of the first stage body.

The tool set consists of 4 components: the syringe, the body, the dispenser which sits inside the body and the threaded cap.  

This tool is used prior to installing the swivel cap onto the first stage body in which the piston and spring have already been installed. All regulator parts should be cleaned and dried at this point.

Remove the threaded cap from the tool ensuring the dispenser sits inside the tool body with recessed side facing towards the piston.  

Put the environmental seal over the tool body and screw the tool onto the first stage body.

Insert the syringe (filled with the manufacturer's recommended grease) into the top of the tool body and gently depress the plunger, filling up the ambient chamber with grease. Care should be taken to keep the syringe perpendicular to the tool body during the operation to avoid breaking the tip of the syringe.

Continue filling the ambient chamber with grease until grease comes out of the ambient pressure ports. Slide the environmental seal over the first stage and wipe off excess grease.

Carefully unscrew the tool from the first stage. once fully unscrew, use a rocking motion to separate the tool from the first stage. Prior to installing the swivel onto the first stage body, remove all excess grease which may have accumulated on the recess of the piston. 

There is no need to remove the remaining grease in the tool: screw the threaded cap back on and store it upright in zip-lock bag until the next use.

Made from acetal.

Regulator is not included.

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