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Hand Press for Poseidon Cyklon Second Stage


Weight: 240 g

  • $69.90

This hand press assembly consists of 3 components: the base, the guide ring and the plunger. The press is used to install the locking ring into the diaphragm housing of Poseidon Cyklon Second Stage.

Place the diaphragm housing fitted with the purge button, the inhalation diaphragm and the cover into the base of the tool. The base can either be sitting flush on a flat surface or can be secured in a vise for more stability during the operation.

Fit the locking ring inside the guide ring and place this assembly on top of the diaphragm housing, ensuring that the grooved side of the guide ring is positioned on the rim of the diaphragm housing.

Place the plunger with the concave side facing the retaining ring into the guide ring and apply firm downwards pressure until you hear a slight click. This locks the retaining ring into the housing. Once this is done, remove the tool assembly and check that the locking ring is properly seated in the groove of the housing.

Made from Acetal.

Regulator parts are not included.

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