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Lever Height Adjuster for Aqualung Conshelf Second Stage


Weight: 46 g

  • $26.80

This tool comprises of 2 components and is ideal for lever height adjustment for Aqualung Conshelf second stage.

The aluminium part of the tool is machined with a 1/4" nut driver at the end, therefore it can be inserted into the open port in order to: screw the lock nut onto the poppet and hold or adjust the lock nut. The knurled knob on the tool provides an excellent grip.

With the nut driver in its correct position, the 2.5 x 50 flat blade screwdriver can be inserted through the center of the aluminium nut driver tool to lock the poppet in place. The lock nut can now be adjusted using the 1/4" nut driver while holding the poppet still with the screwdriver to achieve the optimal lever position.

Regulator is not included.

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