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Lever Height Setting Tool for Apeks XL4 Second Stage


Weight: 120 g

  • $22.90

This tool, made out of Acetal, is used to verify the lever height during the final set-up of Apeks XL4 second stages.

The tool - gauge - has 2 sides; inside the recesses at the top and bottom of the gauge you will see the letter F (Flow) or N (No flow; this side also has a small groove machined in the body to make the distinction more apparent) stamped. By connecting the second stage to the in-line adjuster (if available) or LP hose and pressurizing it, the technician is required to place each of the side of the gauge squarely on the rim of the casing without the purge clamp ring and front cover assembly in place.

Starting with the no flow (N) side, it should not initiate a flow. However, if a flow in initiated the lever height is set too high and needs to be adjusted accordingly and re-checked with the gauge. If the gauge doesn't initiate a flow, proceed to the flow (F) side. This should initiate a flow. If a flow is not initiated, the lever is set too low and needs to be adjusted accordingly. If the latter is the case, proceed again with the no flow side.

In order to obtain correct results, it is important to keep the tool properly aligned with the rim of the second stage regulator.

Regulator and additional tools are not included.

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