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Modular Valve Stand Fixture


Weight: 1150 g

  • $64.90

This custom fixture is made to fit SCT-1008 Cylinder Valve Stand 3/4" 14 NPSM (*) and SCT-1009 Cylinder Valve Stand M25 x 2 (*) to allow the valve stand (when it is fitted with a flexible hose) to be easily fitted onto a workbench.

The fixture is required to be mounted onto the workbench. To facilitate positioning during installation, line  up the mark on the side of the fixture with the edge of the workbench prior to drilling the holes in the workbench top. The following hardware is included - suitable for workbenches up to 40 mm thick -:

  • 5 x M8 x 65 stainless steel socket cap screw
  • 5 x M8 washer
  • 5 x M8 nut

By using our valve stand fixture, it is possible for the technician to easily interchange the valve stand depending on the type of valve (thread) being worked on. Since the valve stand can be easily removed from the fixture, the valve stand with valve under test can easily be brought to a wet area for leak testing in water.

To use the fixture, insert the valve stand into the round slot and tighten it with the handle to secure it in place.

Overall dimension (including handle): 130 x 100 x 22 mm

Valve stand, hose, cylinder valve not included.

(*) Models made that have a diameter of 50 mm.

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