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Poppet and Orifice Installation Tool for Atomic Second Stages


Weight: 42 g

  • $16.40

This aluminium tool serves two functions:

  • the installation of poppet in the inlet tube / air barrel, and
  • the installation of the orifice into the inlet tube / air barrel.

The slotted side is used to preset the orifice depth prior to the final adjustments. The orifice can be placed on the slot and threaded into the barrel. By screwing the tool all the way in, the shoulder of the tool will determine the approximate orifice depth inside the inlet tube / air barrel prior to final adjustment. For installing the orifice it is essential to have the o-ring in place. The correct orifice depth has to be set in accordance with the manufacture's procedures during the pressurised set-up / tuning phase. This side of the tool can also be used to remove the orifice, provided that the o-ring is removed. 

The curved / notched side of the tool is useful for alignment of the poppet in the inlet tube / air barrel. The poppet is inserted in the notched side with the flat side of the poppet touching the notch - the feet of the poppet face away from the notch -. With the lever in the full upright position, push the tool into the inlet tube / air barrel until the feet of the poppet passes the legs / tabs of the lever and it snaps into place. Lower the lever and the tool can be retracted. To ensure proper alignment of the poppet with the lever, note that the tool has a flat side, this side of the tool has be on the same side as a flat notch on the inlet tube. 

Regulator or parts are not included.

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