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Socket Set for Oceanic Omega III


Weight: 138 g

  • $42.30

This light-weight aluminium 7075 socket set is designed especially for the Oceanic Omega III second stage. The set comprises of 2 sockets which serve the following functions:

  • To remove and install the LP hose by placing the inlet chamber into the larger socket, and placing the flat side in a soft-jawed vise and use an appropriate spanner to remove and install the hose from the air valve assembly. Care has to be taken as not to damage the inlet chamber assembly
  • To remove and install the pre-dive retainer with the smaller socket from the air valve assembly by having the air valve assembly in the larger socket while being clamped in a vise

Spanner and torque wrench are sold separately.

Regulator, parts, vise and additional tools are not included.

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