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Spanner Wrench for Hollis LX Series Second Stages


Weight: 58 g

  • $23.60

This customised thin wrench is designed to remove and install nut retainer (part# 9554-2) and the cap 221 (part# 9633) of Hollis LX series second stages.

The closed end of the wrench will fit the splined section of the nut retainer during removal and installation of the retainer and the open-ended side can be used for the flat section of the nut retainer to hold the retainer in place during hose removal and installation.

As opposed to using an adjustable spanner, using this special thin wrench will greatly reduce the risk of tools slipping and damaging the regulator.

This light-weight tool is made from Aluminium 6061 with tumbled finish.

Regulator or additional tools are not included.

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