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Lever Assembly Tool for Atomic Aquatics SS1


Weight: 140 g

  • $26.20

This double-sided tool fits the Atomic Aquatics SS1 safe second power inflator.

The threaded side has the function of assisting in the lever assembly. With the poppet and spring in place, the tool can be threaded into the valve housing to compress the spring - poppet assembly and have the threaded poppet stem protrude from the back of the valve housing facilitating the process of the lever assembly. The housing insert can now be installed paying attention to the tabs to ensure those are properly aligned with the housing. With the housing inset in place, the lever, washer and nut can now be installed. Once more pay attention to the alignment of the washer, nut and lever. Once the nut is threaded in place, locking all the components together, the tool can be removed.

The slotted side can be used to remove or install the seal retainer (part # 14-0011-00) located under the inflation cap.

Made from brass with stainless steel cross-handle. Regulator is not included.

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