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Thin Spanner Wrench 3/4"


Weight: 58 g

  • $23.60

No more excuses not to use 2 spanners when putting the hose on and off the second stage!

The size of this thin spanner is 3/4". The wrench has both open- and close-ended sides that are suitable heat exchangers and nuts. The wrench fits old Aqualung Calypso and Conshelf second stages, it is also suitable for Oceanic and Sherwood second stages and possibly more.

We recommend to use:

  • the open ended side to hold the nuts/heat exchangers in place during hose removal and installation
  • the open ended side to torque the nuts/heat exchangers 
  • the closed hex side to remove and install the nuts/heat exchangers

Since this tool acts as a torque adapter/multiplier, please check out the "use of torque adapters".

Made from Aluminium 6061 with vibratory tumbled finish.

Regulator and additional tools are not included.

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