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Tool for Apeks Egress Second Stage


Weight: 140 g

  • $37.50

This dual side tool serves multiple functions when servicing an Apeks Egress second stage:

  • The side with 6-pins is used to remove and install the front locking ring and the front cover (Part# AP7556 and AP7557). Care should be made to align the grooves and the 6 pins of the tool with both locking ring and front cover before unscrewing. A light pressure should also be applied during assembly or disassembly to avoid slipping and causing damage. This side is also the FLOW side.
  • The opposite side with 2 pins can be used to remove or install the inner locking ring (Part# 116923). This side is also the NO FLOW side.

This tool can also be used to verify the correct lever height setting of the Egress regulator during final adjustment. By connecting the second stage to an in-line adjuster and an air supply, the technician is required to place each of the side of the gauge squarely on the casing, without the locking ring and the front cover screwed on.

Starting with the NO FLOW side (the word FLOW will be visible), it should not initiate a flow - make sure the 2 tiny pins are aligned with the holes in the diaphragm retainer -. However, if a flow in initiated the lever height is set too high and needs to be adjusted accordingly and re-checked with the gauge. If the gauge doesn't initiate a flow, proceed to the FLOW side (the word NO FLOW will be visible). This should initiate a flow. If a flow is not initiated, the lever is set too low and needs to be adjusted accordingly. If the latter is the case, proceed again with the no flow side. 

In-line adjustment tool is sold separately.

Regulator, parts and additional tools are not included.

Download your instruction manual.


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