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Piston Stem O-Ring Tool Set for Scubapro MK5 and MK10


Weight: 52 g

  • $22.00

This tool set contains 4 individual tools to assist installing the piston stem o-ring inside the body of the Scubapro MK10 and MK5:

  • The guide tool for the o-ring
  • The o-ring stop tool (one for MK5, one for MK10)
  • The push rod

The o-ring stop tool is inserted on the opposite side of the piston inside the body. Once installed, the stop tool form a steady base to work against. On the piston side, insert the guide tool. Place the piston stem o-ring inside the center bore of the guide tool and use the push rod to push the o-ring down against the stop tool, a twisting motion sometimes proves useful to get the o-ring seated. The o-ring will now be nicely seated inside the groove of the body. Check the positioning of the o-ring.

As the tools as made out of Acetal, no damage to the body or o-ring will occur.

Regulator parts are not included.

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