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Universal Captive Pin Spanner


Weight: 173 g

  • $32.90

This universal pin spanner is designed to fit environmental caps and diaphragm retainers for various brands of first stages. The tool will support the parts over a large surface area and since the pin is tensioned between the part and the tool it is impossible for the pin to slip and create damage.

The tool works best on blind pin holes and comes with 3 interchangeable pins (3, 3.8 and 5 mm). Always choose a diameter pin that closely matches the hole of the part. The diameters of the rings are 38 and 42 mm. It also features 3/8" square drive allowing the tool to be used in combination with a socket wrench or a torque wrench. Suitable up to 40 Nm.

Additional pin sizes are available separately here.

Since this tool acts as a torque adaptor/multiplier, please check out the "use of torque adapters".

Made from Aluminium 7075, anodized blue finish.

Regulators are not included.

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