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Wrench for Poseidon Second Stage Hose Adaptor


Weight: 111 g

  • $27.50

This light-weight aluminium wrench is designed to fit the hose adaptor of the Poseidon Jetstream and Xstream second stage regulator.

Not only the tool removes and installs the hose adaptor to the housing, it also allows proper torque to be applied to the part if desired with a 3/8" torque wrench. Additionally, technician is also able to use the wrench to hold the housing assembly stable while installing the hose.

Due to the geometric constraint of the fitting and the wrench, there is only one way that the tool will fit onto the hose adaptor. Please make sure that the dotted side of the wrench is facing away from the housing and towards the hose.

Since this tool acts as a torque adaptor/multiplier, please check out the "use of torque adapters".

Made from Aluminium 6061 with anodized finish.

Regulator is not included.

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