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Basic Service Tools Kit

Basic Service Tools Kit


Weight: 1636 g

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This kit contains the essential service tools required to perform service works on regulators and BCD's of any brand. We have also included some more specialized tools to facilitate your job.

For detailed description of the individual items refer to the individual product pages. This kit contains:

QTY Part # Item
1 SCT-0101 Neoprene Service Mat
1 SCT-0102 Plastic Syringe
1 SCT-0110 Punch 2 mm, Blunt
1 SCT-0132 Brass O-Ring Pick Set - 2 pcs
1 SCT-0201 Internal Circlip Pliers
1 SCT-0205 Hemostat Forceps, Straight Tip
1 SCT-0206 Hemostat Forceps, Bent Tip
1 SCT-0309 Wiha Tool Set
1 SCT-0310 Schrader Valve Stem Tool
1 SCT-0503 6 mm Hex Socket 3/8" Drive, Long 100 mm
1 SCT-0604 HP Spool O-ring Installation Assist Tool
1 SCT-0609 Slotted Orifice Driver
1 SCT-0611 HP and LP O-ring Installation Bullet Set
1 SCT-0612 First Stage Holder, Straight Type
1 SCT-0614 Orifice Extractor Tool
1 SCT-0619 Air Gun for BCD Inflator Hose
1 SCT-0620 High Pressure Seat Extractor, Light Version
1 SCT-0772 Universal Bullet for Flow-By Piston Stem O-Ring Installation Tool
1 SCT-0804 Jewelers Eyepiece
1 SCT-1712 Universal Poppet Installation Tool for Balanced Second Stages


Please note that SCT-0117 Brass O-Ring Pick Set - 3 Pcs (as shown in picture) has been replaced with SCT-0132 Brass O-Ring Pick Set - 2 Pcs.

Prior to purchasing any tool kit, we suggest you read our blog post "how to gear up for servicing regulators". 

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