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Adjustable Bench Air Supply


Weight: 3900 g 4905 g

  • $599.90

This piece of equipment is great addition for professional scuba repair center as it allows the technician to adjust the output pressure of the bench supply to suit his or her needs during testing and set up of a regulator in order to simulate a variety of supply pressure conditions for the first stage.


  • Pressure regulator: Aqua Environment 0-6000 PSI inlet and out pressure, self-venting with inlet fitting 1/4" NPT (on the left hand side of the pressure reducer).
  • Fitted with 2x 0-6000 PSI pressure gauges (reading in both bar and PSI) for the supply and outlet pressure of the pressure regulator.
  • Valve: Thermo, rated 230 bar with removable DIN insert making the valve compatible with both DIN and yoke first stages.
  • The unit can be connected to an air bank or a scuba tank with maximum input pressure of 6000 PSI.
  • The components are connected on a plate installed on a swivel arm allowing for the option of wall-mount or bench-mount.
  • The swivel arm comes with a knob (for flexible piping). However, if regid piping is required, it can be replaced by a nut (included) for fixation.
  • A fitting 1/4" NPT male to 6 mm pipe is included.
  • A fitting 1/4" NPT male to 1/4" pipe is included.
  • Panel and swivel arm is made from aluminium with anodized finish.
  • The mounting plate is designed to accept M8 hardware.
  • This equipment is suitable for air use only.
  • Minimal assembly is required to mount plate onto the swivel arm (2 bolts).

Download your instruction manual and drill template.

Optional: if you wish to connect the bench air supply to a scuba cylinder, this hose assembly will be you solution (SCT-0826).

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