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Crowfoot Spanner 1 1/2" For Cylinder Valves


Weight: 428 g

  • $58.70

This 1 1/2" crowfoot spanner enables the technician to properly remove, install and torque cylinder valves. The tools is suitable for cylinder valves of brands such as Thermo, XS Scuba and possibly others.

The tool features a 1/2" square drive and can be used with a 1/2" drive torque wrench, 1/2" drive swivel handle...

To avoid damage on the tool, it should not be used outside the specified torque value of 50 lbs ft or 70 Nm. It is important to keep the tool in the same plane of the valve flats (iow perpendicular to the valve post) as to avoid the tool slipping of the valve and in the process damaging the valve or tool.

Since this tool acts as a torque adaptor/multiplier, please check out the "use of torque adapters".

The wrench is made from chromed-plated steel.

Valve and cylinder are not included.

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