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BCD LP Hose O-Ring Installation Tool Set


Weight: 100 g

  • $16.50

This 3-piece set of tools will assist the technician in the task of installing an o-ring inside of the BCD LP hose coupler.

Instructions for use:

  • Retract the coupler on the female BCD fitting and insert the appropriate size conical o-ring guide into the coupler.
  • Place the o-ring over the stem of the conical guide and push it down into the coupler as far as you can. The use of an o-ring pick could make this job easier.
  • With the coupler on the female BCD fitting retraced, place the bushing over the stem of the comical guide and work it down using a rotational motion untill the o-ring is properly seated.
  • Retract the coupler and remove bushing and the conical o-ring guide.
  • Verify that the o-ring is properly seated. If this is not the case, remove the o-ring and start over, the use of the alternative conical guide could resolve your issue.
  • You can use this tool with a schrader valve in place.

With so many variants of BCD hose couplers available on the market, all with slightly different dimensions, it is not possible for a one-size-fits all tool. Therefore, we have included 2 different sizes of the conical o-ring guides to likely work in all circumstances.

It is machined from Acetal. BCD hose is not included.

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